Traditionally Published Authors Moving

The 2014 Digital Book World survey found that among 9,200 authors surveyed, those that had been traditionally published were moving in number to self-publishing.

The authors felt their experiences with publishers were less than anticipated, and so felt the publishers had underperformed with their books. This might of course be a case of authors who don’t understand the industry expecting too much of any company that offers marketing services but is more likely due to a number of factors like lack of creative control, the long production schedule, and the short shelf life publishers are willing to offer.

For those who turned to self-publishing, only about 16% regretted their decision and decided to return to traditional publishers. For the rest, the trade-off they made in lack of distribution and marketing support was made up for in other ways…including the amount of royalties they gained.


3 thoughts on “Traditionally Published Authors Moving

  1. Peter Wells aka Countingducks

    Very interesting. On a Marketing front, I don’t think publishers offer that much these days, but having your book thoroughly and professionally edited, illustrated, formatted and published is not to be sneezed at. I’m not saying there is no publishing help, but in the current crowded market place we all inhabit, getting noticed may be as much about luck as about quality



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