About Laine Cunningham

Laine is a prolific writer whose works have won dozens of national and international awards.
Reparation pits a Lakota Sioux man against the leader of a multi-national Peyote church. This novel won Honorable Mention in a national contest.
Beloved, a noir thriller, has been compared to the Swedish noir of Stieg Larsson’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.
The Family Made of Dust is a story of loss and rebirth set in the Australian Outback. The work won two national awards.
Woman Alone: A Six-Month Journey Through the Australian Outback is a warm and funny memoir perfect for fans of Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love and Cheryl Strayed’s Wild.
Seven Sisters: Spiritual Messages from Aboriginal Australia is a collection of essays based on the wisdom Aboriginal Dreamtime tales hold for the modern readers.

8 thoughts on “About Laine Cunningham

  1. HemmingPlay

    Hi, Laine,

    I appreciated your post about the lack of strong women characters in fiction, and couldn’t agree more. I’ve got a book in the works with three of them (one of them a really bad person). I have excerpts up on my blog. I’m about 65K words into it, which I figure is about half of what I’ll need for a draft. Then I’ll cut 25%. 🙂



    1. Michele

      Hi Laine. Are you the same wonderful person I met at Examen in Sacramento? You gave me a mini-sculpture when I was pregnant. – Michele


      1. Laine Cunningham Post author

        Yes, we did meet there! So cool to reconnect after all these years. Hope you are well. I was just out in California for a book reading last month…but of course am on the East Coast now. We can connect directly through the contact form either on WritersResource.us or LaineCunningham.com, if you like. No matter what, I’m glad to hear from you!


  2. HemmingPlay

    Ha. Yes. But I had to learn to keep writing instead of constantly re-reading and editing what I’d already written. Beginner mistakes.

    I’ve been following your blog, and have enjoyed it and learned from it. Thanks for doing this.


  3. Laine Cunningham Post author

    Oh, yeah. I know some writers claim that’s best, to keep revising as they write, but I find it so intrusive to the creative flow. Once it’s on paper, anything can be fixed. Leave it alone until the end!
    Thank you for your kind comments! It helps me a lot!


  4. Helene Buckley

    Ahoy Laine: I cannot find where your Sunspots winners might be listed for your $100 for 100 words contest. Can you kindly redirect me? Many thanks!


    1. Laine Cunningham Post author

      Hi, Helene. We are still in the judging process. We hope to have word out the early part of August. Thanks for checking in! Keep an eye on the website SunspotLit.com for another contest that’s opening soon.



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