About Writer’s Resource

September 1994 to Present

Writer’s Resource works with authors, business owners and CEOs, public speakers and thought leaders to ghostwrite, rewrite and edit fiction and nonfiction as well as branding. One of the most important benefits is Laine’s ability to clearly convey the core message.

Decades of experience writing fiction and nonfiction books and pitching projects to agents and publishers have boosted the careers of traditionally published and indie authors. Clients working with adult, young adult, middle grade and picture books have found success with Laine’s support.

Results Currently, 74 titles are under contract with agents or publishers. Books handled by Writer’s Resource have gone on to win 13 national awards. Nonfiction clients have had their ghostwritten projects financially sponsored by Fortune 500 companies, and endorsed by CEOs and celebrities. Fiction clients have been shopped to Disney and Pixar, and received contracts for long-running series.

Ghostwriting, Rewriting and Editing Laine works with authors to develop a seed concept into a detailed outline, writes the draft manuscript, then revises and edits to create a final version. Rough drafts provided by clients are developed further and then rewritten. Clients have signed with top agents who shopped the works to Hollywood and the Big Five publishers.

Pitch Clients looking to place their work with agents and publishers have received query letters, book proposals, juvenile submission packets, and individual pieces like bios and synopses. Pitch items have led to hundreds of contracts. Agents have singled out Laine’s pitches as the most comprehensive and professional among the thousands they review every year.

Press National news outlets have sought Laine’s opinion on issues ranging from The Oprah Effect to the end of the Harry Potter series and Sarah Palin’s ghostwriter. Outlets include CNN Money, FoxNews.com, MSNBC.com, BNN (Canada’s version of CNN), USAToday.com, Media Bistro, writer’s magazines, and national and regional radio and TV shows.


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