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Open Call for Authors and Artists Closes Soon

Sunspot Lit accepts all types of prose including essays, memoir, travel, teleplays, film and stage scripts. For each form, you can submit:
One or two pieces of flash fiction; total length of submission not to exceed 1,000 words


A single work of fiction or nonfiction; no longer than 3,500 words


Up to three poems; total of three pages


A graphic novel of 1 to 4 pages


Artwork; total of two images
In your cover letter, please indicate length and whether the piece is fiction, nonfiction, or poetry. 

Please do not mix submission forms (for example, provide one poem and one flash piece as a single entry). Mixed submissions will be rejected without review. Do feel free to submit in separate categories by using the same form any number of times. 

Send your work through Submittable.


Genre Fiction Feedback

Sunspot Lit’s Angel Leya is now offering feedback on genre fiction, with a particular emphasis on novel excerpts. She specializes in fantasy and paranormal, with experience in light sci-fi, contemporary romance, and YA.

For works up to 5,000 words, you will receive a few paragraphs (about half a single-spaced page) of comments intended to strengthen your work. For works up to 12,500 words, you’ll receive around a full single-spaced page of comments.  

Submissions are capped each month, and the form will shut off once the cap is reached. 

Angel Leya is the coauthor of the USA Today bestselling book, Shifted (Siren Prophecy series), with over 12 additional novels, novellas, and short stories to her name. She’s been published in  several anthologies, including Fiddlehead Press and The Alliance of YA Authors.

She reads avidly (and writes) in the fantasy and paranormal genres, but she also has a soft spot for a good light sci fi or contemporary romance. Angel specializes in giving practical advice, with a bent toward characterization and dialog, as well as word flow, breaks in logic, and hooks.

Using this form, submit one story or excerpt. Submit as many times as you like using a new submission form for each story or excerpt. 

Geminga 2022 Results

Sunspot Lit congratulates the winner of Geminga 2022 as well as the runners-up and finalists.


“Tax Season” by Tifara Brown, poem


“Kishimoto” by Rain Hou, nonfiction

“Her Wildest Dream” by Martha Nance, digital art


“Suffers Patiently” by Jessica Ross, prose

“Get All Your Ducks in a Row” by Pamela Viggiani, mixed media

“On Tuesday at Age 21” by Kelly Q. Anderson, nonfiction

“Some Days I Can Taste” by Atma Frans, poem

“Rest Stop, Mile Marker 173” by Jen Payne, prose

“Broken Heart” by Paul Milligan, sculpture

“Fall Tanka” by Sarah Kersey, poem

“Memory Loss Blessings” by Madi Morelli, nonfiction

“Analogy” by JJ Chen Henderson, poem

“Candy Crush” by Jacqueline Schaalje, poem

Sunspot is dedicated to helping authors and artists gain recognition and receive stipends for their work. Check out our new contest, offering $250 plus publication, here.

Rigel: $250 for Prose, Poetry, Art, Graphic Novel

Authors & Artists Eligible

Rigel is the brightest star in the Orion constellation. Sunspot Lit is looking for the single piece of writing, art, or poetry that outshines the rest. Winner receives $250 plus publication. No restrictions on theme or category. See guidelines for details on preparing your submission.

Open: April 1, 2022

Close: June 30, 2022

Entry fee: $6

Prize: $250 cash and publication

Enter through Sunspot’s Submittable form or