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Optimize Your Book for Mobile

The Pew Center reports that 57% of American adults use their mobile phones to browse the internet. Among smartphone owners, the number is much higher: 93 percent.

If you haven’t already, make sure your website is optimized for mobile viewing.

As you work with a designer or publisher on your book cover, ensure that it displays well in a thumbnail size.

Keep all your digital pages clean; the faster it downloads, the more likely browsers are to stay a while.

Book Marketing with Adjunct Stories

Often I talk to authors about selling themselves to readers as much as their books. It’s natural for readers to want to know more about authors, their motivation for writing a particular book, even about the writing process.

Nowadays, with short books and short stories being produced in ebook and even print formats, there’s an added ability to market your books. No matter what you’re writing, you can create adjunct books.

Consider a self-help author with a workbook…the workbook isn’t the primary self-help book but it adds to the original publication in a helpful manner. Novelists, too, can use this idea by writing short stories about appealing secondary characters in their stories.

These can be sold, of course, or given away to generate interest in the book. Since most adjunct books are short, the time and effort to produce them is often much less than what the original project required.

2013 Frankfurt Book Fair Welcomes Self-publishers

During the 2013 Frankfurt Book Fair, an entire hall will be given over to self-publishers.

The administrators don’t want to be left behind in the digital revolution. Since such a large part of that revolution is about what authors can do on their own, they invited authors, printers, and other service providers to speak and set up booths.

The Fair runs October 9 through 13.

Writer’s Resource Website Update

I’ve updated the website to reflect a much more detailed idea of the different levels of assistance available. The endorsements page still needs to be updated; I’ve been so busy with helping folks that it’s been difficult to post all the different successes there!

There is now a headcount: 18 clients under contract, 3 clients under consideration for a contract, and 4 authors who won national awards after working with Writer’s Resource.

Please share as you see fit.


Self-publishing is Changing Traditional Publishers

Recently, news from Europe indicated that self-publishing is beginning to grow at rates similar to those seen in America’s early years of self-publishing. The reasons authors choose to go their own way is the same as here: more control, a faster path to publication, and more direct contact with their readers.

FOCUS magazine said that traditional publishers will have to get on board with this trend worldwide. Providing access to bookstores, it said, is the last area where the gatekeepers still function. If publishers want to survive, they are going to have to help all authors publish and distribute their books.

Do you think survival for traditional publishing houses will hinge on this in part or in whole? Why or why not?