Monthly Archives: March 2021

Digital Editor’s Prize

Beginning with the first edition of 2021, Sunspot added an Editor’s Prize to the digital editions. The prize offers $35 and a special callout in the publication. The inaugural award has been offered to a contributor in Vol 3 Issue 1. This edition is coming out at the end of March.

Sunspot’s current open call accepts art of all types, poetry up to 1,250 lines, and fiction and nonfiction up to 49,000 words. Quick response times are available through the Fast Flux form. The current open call ends May 31. Visit here for the different submission options.


Geminga Offering $500 and Publication

Authors & Artists Eligible

Sunspot Lit launched Geminga: $500 for Tiny Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, or Art in January. The contest closes March 31, 2021. The prize is $500 cash and publication. Runners-up and finalists will be offered publication in the digital edition and the print edition.

Enter through Sunspot’s Submittable form.

Paying Category for Authors and Artists

Sunspot Literary Journal is seeking articles, essays, fiction and poems that offer advice and thoughts on the creative life related to any creative form. How-to, features, reports on current trends, commentaries, real experiences, and roundups are some of the areas accepted. Examples of the kinds of works we’re interested in include, but are by no means limited to:

Craft tips for authors or artists

Short stories or flash fiction about artists or writers

Tool roundups for heritage craft producers

Thoughtful or lyric essays on the creative lifestyle

Features on the impact of residency programs 

Personal or fictional experiences at retreats

What to expect from a workshop

Artwork/stories/poetry that were generated in a workshop paired with commentary about the process of creating in a workshop setting

Steps for community engagement

Poetry about art’s impact

Marketing advice for authors or artists

No limit on word count, although 1,500 to 3,000 words provides the strongest target range.

Payment for these pieces will be $0.01 per word ($50 US maximum per piece). Please include a third-person bio of 50 to 75 words in your cover letter. Pieces will be published in the final 2021 edition, scheduled for release in December.

One piece per submission. 

All submissions must be unpublished. Simultaneous submissions welcome. Submit as many times as you like.

Open: January 1, 2021

Close: October 31, 2021

Closing Mar 31: $500 for Tiny Art, Poetry, Fiction or Nonfiction

For 2021, Sunspot Lit is launching Geminga: $500 for Tiny Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, or Art to honor the power of the small. No restrictions on theme or category. Word limit is 100 for fiction and nonfiction. Micropoetry is limited to 140 characters.

Titles are not included in the word count. Compound words separated by hyphens, numbers, and letters of the alphabet are counted as a single word. In the micropoetry category, characters include spaces, punctuation, numbers, and letters of the alphabet.

Visual art entries should be paintings, drawings, or sketches no larger than 25 inches square. Sculptural forms should be no larger than 25 inches in any dimension (length, height, or width).

Open: January 1, 2021

Close: March 31, 2021

Entry fee: $6

Prize: $500 cash, publication for the winner, publication offered to runners-up and finalists.

Enter here. Good luck!

Open Call for Art and Creative Writing Up to 49,000 Words

Sunspot Literary Journal offers an Editor’s Prize of $50 for the annual edition, and pays for artwork selected for a cover. Now open for flash, stories, essays and memoir. Literary and genre welcome. Length up to 49,000 words. Poetry can be up to 1,250 lines. Translations welcome.

Open: March 1, 2021

Closing: May 31, 2021

Submit here: