Monthly Archives: April 2013

Support Your Indie Bookstore

Recently France announced that it would be providing loans to independent booksellers in its nation that are having cash flow problems. The country is determined to help preserve one of the most important components of any culture, its literature.

Well, we can’t expect the U.S. government to step in anytime soon. So it’s up to you and me to help.

You don’t have to have deep pockets, either. Just commit to buying one book every month from a local store.

If you buy books frequently, commit to buying more than one every month from a local.

Save a bookstore! It could be your own book you’re helping to save!

How Much Should a Bookstore Get for Carrying Your Books?

Traditionally bookstores get 40% of the list price of a book. They have overhead to pay from that money in addition to earning a profit. Remember that they rent or own the storefront, they have employees to pay, and they have utility bills that arrive every month.

Don’t be surprised if a store asks for 45% so they can run special promotions.

Be flexible. Consider whether sales can help your brand by getting your name out there even if the store discount means you make very little profit yourself.