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Publisher Accepting Submissions

Shambhala has been one of the better known niche publishers for years. They put out about 100 titles per year, mostly nonfiction related to Buddhism, yoga, mindfulness, creativity, martial arts, natural health, and green living. They ask authors to submit a book proposal.

Additional Income for Authors: Libraries?

In the UK, the government pays authors whenever a book they’ve written is checked out of the library. Right now, e-books are not included in that payment system.

Several countries are also moving to support their book industries by providing loans and grants to bookstores, publishers and other book sellers from their governments. They value literature so highly they’re willing to back their beliefs with cash.

In America, no such vehicle exists to enhance an author’s income or support the industry. Do you feel the government should pay authors a nominal amount whenever a book is checked out? Do you think the industry should be bailed out or otherwise supported with cash from the government?


Latest Trend: Steamies

All right, YA authors, heads up! Recently I posted about the trend toward New Adult fiction…works that target slightly older audiences aged 18 through 24. There’s already a subcategory for New Adult: Steamies.

These are works that focus a bit more (and sometimes a lot more) on erotic or sexual aspects. It’s natural for individuals in that age group to explore and wonder how sensual and sexual activities fit into their lives and personalities, so it’s also a natural for inclusion in novels.

Some publishers welcome Steamies. Others reject them out of hand. Readers will be the same. Know before you pitch to publishers or readers what you’re offering so you can target your audience with pinpoint accuracy.

What to Do When an Agent Asks for an Exclusive Look

As you look for an agent, you will likely find at some point that an agent will ask for an exclusive look. That means they want to be able to read the manuscript and consider representing you without any other agent reading the manuscript at the same time.

This is standard practice. Agents don’t want to spend time reading and falling in love with a work only to discover they lost you to the competition by a single day.

However, you have your own needs…and you don’t want to wait weeks or months for the agent to respond.

When you are asked for an exclusive, set a timeframe. Tell them yes then ask if two weeks is enough time. It’s very likely they will ask for three weeks. But if you offer three weeks they’ll ask for four. So set your own limit right from the start. Three weeks is plenty of time. And you’ll come off as a professional because you knew to set a time limit from the beginning!

Best Price for E-Books

Self-published? Wondering how to set your pricing?

Smashwords recently conducted a survey. They found that cheaper is NOT always better.

Books that sold for $3.99 faired best. They outpaced similar books available for $2.99.

Why? It’s likely about perception. A book that costs a little more signals that it is worth a little more…and possibly a lot more.

But don’t go crazy. HIgher price points than $3.99 did not fair as well.