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Guest Post – Seven Steps to Improving Your Podcast

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Hi there, Rob Matheny here, writer, blogger, and podcaster. We’ve been doing our show for a few months now, and it’s been a growing process for sure. Things had to be learned, mistakes had to be made, yet  things are coming along. Granted, yes, we have less than 20 episodes under our belts. So does that qualify me as an expert podcaster? Well, it remains to be seen. What I do have is 15+ years of commercial radio experience, with a degree in broadcasting and career experience to boot. I have spent countless hours engineering and editing and producing broadcast commercial radio, in most cases behind the scenes. But also, I’ve been a podcast listener for a minimum of five years. I’ve heard many, many podcast. Some good, some great, and some no so fantastic (I could have a used a myriad of colorful statements at this point, but I’m…

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Is It Possible That Amazon Is Not ‘All’ Bad News For Publishers?

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Might Amazon’s debilitating effect on local shops be about to change?

For the past 20 years Amazon has disrupted the publishing industry from stem to stern. Could it be that much of the resulting adaptation and metamorphosis has actually been good news for publishers?

Depends on what you consider. What kind of publisher? What kind of book? Book audience location. Book platform. Book distribution system access. Digital technology, etc., etc.

Hell, many of these considerations weren’t even in existence 20 years ago! And while Amazon didn’t create or discover all of the above mentioned ingredients, they were the first to mix them in a masterful menu – creating a smorgasbord of possibilities – the understanding of which is still being deciphered today.

Tonight’s topic will discuss the how’s and where’s of some of the possible positive changes that Amazon has wrought within the publishing industry and the reaction/attitude of the big five publishing…

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Selections from One-Star Amazon Reviews of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit


[Editorial note: The following citations come from one-star Amazon reviews J.R.R. Tolkien’s novel The Hobbit (a book I’ve always loved)I’ve preserved the reviewers’ original punctuation and spelling. More one-star Amazon reviews.].


The Hobbit stinks.

It is just so boreing.


This is such a horrible book.

Gandalf the wizard is a bogus

Swoar, lil’ fools wack for REALL.

And what’s this thing about hairy feet?

Crying because the story will NOT END!

my mom liked it (what’s wrong with her? )

Spend your money on Harry Potter instead.

I dought we will ever finish this horrible book.

No offense, but the suspense was not at all amusing

I know for a fact that there are several of Hobbit fans.

Bilbo is a Hobbit who seems not to do much in the story.

it was as if a ten year old coul’ve made…

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The Secret Self-publishing Companies Don’t Want Authors to Know

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Whenever I help clients self-publish, one of the important considerations is how they’re going to reach readers. Too often clients tell me they have already bought marketing services from the company that will produce their book…only to discover that what they’re really bought is PR.
PR is public relations. It’s defined as the management of the spread of information. PR services usually include press releases, feature articles, and author interviews. It sounds like the right step: authors want readers to know about their books, and PR can alert them to the book’s availability, message, theme, and impact.
PR is a powerful tool. The number of individuals who discover an author and their books can reach hundreds of thousands for a single press release, article or interview. But the key is that PR only spreads information. It doesn’t generate a purchase.
Marketing is different than PR. Marketing is geared to generate…

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