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Open call for very long-form fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and graphic novels

Ends on August 1, 2022

Single works of fiction or nonfiction, including scripts and screenplays, from 7,501 words up to 17,500 words should be submitted using this form.

Graphic novels should be 18 to 24 pages. 

single poem between 11 and 15 pages is also accepted. 

Collections are not accepted for this call.

Submit to Sunspot Lit here and let your work shine.


Rigel 2022 Results

The judging for the 2022 edition of the Rigel contest is complete. Although it was difficult to select a single work from the outstanding list of finalists, here are the results:


“Only Water” by Julie Esther Fisher, prose


“Santa Corona” by Michael Pearce, poem

“Kearney Noir” by Larry Hill, art (below)


“The Fall” by Steve Capra, poem

“Under the Spell of Molly Bloom” by Naomi Lowinsky, poem

“Time Enough” by LG Pomerleau, prose

“Donut” by Alan Sincic, prose

“The Weaver” by Serge Lecomte, art

“Being as One” by Dave Sims, art

“Witch of Wals” by Bryan Edenfield, prose

“The Voices of the Doomed” by Jim Gish, prose

The winner receives $250 and will be published in the next digital edition as well as the annual print edition. The runners-up and finalists will also be offered publication. To enjoy their works and support great literature and art, consider preordering a print copy of this year’s editions. Shipping to US locations is included in the price.

All the best to this year’s list of outstanding creatives!

Check out Sunspot’s current open calls.

Open Call for novelette-length fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or graphic novel

Ends on July 15, 2022

Sunspot Lit is open for single works of fiction or nonfiction, including scripts and screenplays, from 17,501 to 29,000 words.

Graphic novels should run 25 to 50 pages. 

single poem between 16 and 20 pages is also accepted. 

Story, essay, and poetry collections are not accepted in this category.

Submit here and join the journal changing the world through words and art.

Inception 2022: $250 for Prose, Poetry, Art, Graphic Novel, Script, or Screenplay

Authors and Artists Eligible

Beginnings have the power to spark passion or curiosity. They might immediately connect a specific place and time with an emotional tone. The best openings offer a feeling, atmosphere, action, or image that is gripping, and hints at more to come.

Meaning, thoughtfulness, emotions, or tone draw audiences into the moment. A poem handles this differently than a flash piece, which handles an opening differently than a novel. The first photo, painting or frame presented in a gallery, series, or graphic novel strives for the same intent. Openings contain a spark that promises to burn. 

For Sunspot Lit’s current Inception contest, send your best opening. There are no restrictions on theme, category, or the length of the piece or collection from which the excerpt comes. Word limit is 250 for prose, 25 words for poetry.

Graphic novel and comic book entries should be the first page (unlimited number of panels on that page) with a maximum of 250 words (cut the number of panels in order to meet the word count, if needed). 

Visual art entries should be the first in a series, the first in a gallery lineup, the first in a themed collection, etc. Entries are limited to one image.

Open: July 1, 2022

Close: September 30, 2022

Entry fee: $8.50

Prize: $250 cash plus publication for the winner.

Publication will be offered to runners-up and finalists.

Sunspot asks for first rights only; all rights revert to the contributor after publication. Works, along with the creators’ bylines, are published in the next quarterly digital edition an average of two months after contest completion as well as the annual fall print edition. 

Works should be unpublished except on a personal blog or website. Artists offered publication may display their pieces in galleries, festivals or shows throughout the publication contract period.  

Enter as many times as you like through Submittable or Duotrope, but only one piece per submission. Submission files that contain multiple pieces will be disqualified without review. Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but please withdraw your piece if it is published elsewhere before the winner is selected.