Marketing: Content is King

Content marketing for authors doesn’t have to be challenging. Consider making a chapter of your book a free download, writing articles based on the themes in the book (and yes, that includes novelists!), informal chats about the book or its themes, etc. Also try this article for more ideas on how to think about content.


4 thoughts on “Marketing: Content is King

  1. Laine Cunningham Post author

    Those articles I mentioned in the post…when you write them, be sure to submit to internet sites that distribute the articles to other websites and/or publications.
    Of course, every article should also be shopped to magazines that cover your particular topic. Don’t forget that industry magazines are a great place to shop your articles, too! They can be more content-hungry than magazines meant for mainstream readers because they have fewer people submitting. So play the numbers and increase your odds of publication.
    Every time you get something published, it will generate more views and possibly more dedicated readers.



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