Barnes & Noble is Good for Amazon…and Readers

Leonard Riggio, the original founder of Barnes & Noble, is considering buying up the stores and taking them private. He’s thinking about the move because bookstores are still a sound business.

One of the biggest surprises in the constant battle between brick-and-mortar stores and the e-giant Amazon is that after Borders failed, sales of e-books immediately fell. Analysts think it’s because with fewer opportunities to browse, readers just aren’t going to buy as many books.

Congratulate your local bookstore owner with a cup of coffee, a chocolate truffle…and a new sale.


1 thought on “Barnes & Noble is Good for Amazon…and Readers

  1. Greg

    You are absolutely right. If I can’t browse I won’t buy.I went to a local B&N yesterday and, after browsing I bought about 100.00 worth of magazines. Even renewed my card. Please… don’t let the bookstore disappear.



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