What Authors Need to Succeed

As the owner of a small business, I read a number of magazines targeting people like me. One is Entrepreneur. Recently they had an article about what entrepreneurs need to succeed, and I found nearly every point appropriate for the successful author.

–You like feeling like a kid. This might be my favorite one. Authors have to have a sense of curiosity about their worlds…the ones they live in and the ones they create. Immersing yourself in that world can be enough to spark the joy of youth.

–You are overwhelmingly optimistic. Well, I don’t have to mention rejections, low advances, rejections, rude agents, rejections and poor reviews (did I mention rejections?) for you to understand this one.

–You’re probably a gear head. These days, with publishing’s foundation shifting so completely to new technologies, writers need to keep informed of the latest advances in technology. From creation to publication, knowing what’s available can ease your path.


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