Ways to Keep Readers Coming Back

When you’re setting about to write that next book, don’t ignore the fans you’ve already snared. They’ll be looking for you and the content you create rather than just another book to read. So be sure to utilize branding methods like the following:

–Be consistent. If you’re writing thrillers, don’t suddenly switch to romance. The exception of course is if you’re writing a cross-genre romantic thriller. Then go for it! Just be sure not to leave your existing fans out in the cold as you work to gain new readers.

–Remember that readers want to read your books, not someone else’s. So whenever you appear for a signing or media opportunity, be authentic. Speak from the heart about your passion for writing and your fans. If someone asks a question you don’t want to answer, simply say so and allow the interview to move on.

–No matter whether you’re self-publishing or traditionally published, always focus on quality. Even if your goal is to produce two books every year (or more!), make sure that nothing goes out the door you wouldn’t want to read yourself.


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