The Advantages of Short Books

Short books have gained a lot of credibility in the publishing arena. Still primarily the purview of self-published and indie authors, shorter books are having an important impact on writing careers.

Shorter works allow authors to generate more titles in shorter timeframes. Since algorithms and search results are going to be pushed in part by the number of titles available, this is no small point.

Shorter works also allow authors to constantly offer readers something fresh and new.

Short works can provide an opportunity to work in a new genre or category with less risk than creating a longer work.

How do you use short books to your advantage?


2 thoughts on “The Advantages of Short Books

  1. jberndtco

    Great post! I have been struggling with the idea of short books for a while now, because I like to write short books (un-published so far). The few that I have written has been between 10,000 and 15,000 words, do you think this would be concidered a short novella or a long-short-story?



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