Do Authors Really Need Social Media?

Platform, platform, platform. It can be fun or a huge waste of time depending on who you talk to these days.

Generally publishers want to see that authors have some type of social media presence. This is because they want to know that authors are engaged at some level with potential readers.

Does a huge following help? Yes. Is it necessary? Not at all. A few hundred followers on a blog or social media page are enough to show that you’re out there. Anything more is really just frosting on the cake.

Keep this in mind as you manage your time. Never allow a quest for big numbers to take time away from your primary goal, writing.


5 thoughts on “Do Authors Really Need Social Media?

  1. kateywrites

    Thanks for this. There are so many (many many) pages about gathering a following – before even publishing a book – that it seems overwhelming to a newbie like myself. mangaing my 9-3, 3 days a week writing time while trying to also tweet, blog, FB, and Pin is ridiculous! (Of course, your post is followed by no less than 13 buttons listing ways to share it on social media. So I’m still intimidated!)


    1. Laine Cunningham Post author

      Katey: Thank you so much for your reply…and for the laugh about the share buttons on this blog!
      My best advice is to select two social media sites that you would enjoy, or that seem to spark your readers’ interest the most. Use only those until you have a publishing contract in hand or are gearing up for your own self-publishing venture. Then revisit the issue and see if you can outsource some of the posting to a virtual assistant, or if you can find a way to manage one or two additional social media sites.
      All of this is laid out in greater detail in the marketing plan I offer book authors. This is one of the tricks that helps authors, no matter how advanced their careers, manage their time in a way that truly serves their professional needs.


  2. TheGirl

    Yep social media is important, but I guess authors aren’t using them correctly and that’s why some will say its a waste of time. Its hard to turn fans into buyers. And SM should be used to engage with ppl, have a conversation, not constantly pitch to ppl to buy buy buy your books.


  3. Laine Cunningham Post author

    Well said! Thank you for your input. I agree; it’s about engagement, not sales. Offer real content that comes from your experiences. Share…there’s plenty of opportunity out there for everyone, and the more we share, the stronger we all become!



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