B&N Exclusives Program

Several years ago, Barnes & Noble launched a program that offers exclusive content to readers. Often the project rereleased books with additional content like author comments that were available only through B&N.

Now the program is really taking flight with exclusive content for teen and tween readers. The extra content extends the storyline, provides more backstory, and answers readers’ questions. The books under this banner are receiving exclusive marketing campaigns and in-store signage and enhanced placements.


2 thoughts on “B&N Exclusives Program

    1. Laine Cunningham Post author

      Yes, it does involve extra effort. But if you mine your initial notes, rough drafts, and consider the process a way to include elements that didn’t fit in the novel, it can actually be fun!
      Marketing is a never-ending process. This is just one way to enhance the reach of a book. Really, adding these things in can also be used for blog entries, press releases and other elements, so it’s a multi-use effort. That makes it worth the while!



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