Seth MacFarlane’s Support Mirrors Overseas Lit Efforts

Seth MacFarlane has promised to match up to $1 million for the Reading Rainbow crowdfunding campaign. Reading Rainbow is an app used in schools by young readers, and the campaign aims to provide it to low-income students.

This move mirrors a trend overseas that in some cases isn’t a trend…it’s part of other nation’s cultures. Governments in some European countries have long provided tax breaks, grants and other incentives to authors, bookstores and publishers. Some of it has happened recently because publishing is taking such a beating worldwide. Much of it, however, has been in place for a century. The understanding that literature is valuable to a nation’s identity and culture is too strong to simply allow publishers to forge ahead on their own.

America should wake up to this fact. Individuals are doing their part by contributing to crowdfunding campaigns for small presses, bookstores and authors. But more needs to be done. We need to support authors in meaningful financial ways. We need to help bookstores and publishers not just survive but thrive.

What is your best idea to help?


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