New Historical Book Imprint

Flatiron Books is Macmillion’s new historical book imprint. Their first list of seven titles will be released this winter. Once Flatiron Books is up to full speed, it’ll publish five to six books every month. The seek distinctive ideas from unique voices.

Have a nonfiction project that’s perfect for them? Submit your sample chapters and book proposal right away! Let me know if I can help you. I’m always available.


2 thoughts on “New Historical Book Imprint

  1. Robert T. Johnson, MD

    I have a recently finished manuscript: THE CALLING, autobiography of a county doctor. I’m82 years old and have no idea how to submit a “book proposal.” Hints?


    1. Laine Cunningham Post author

      Thank you for reaching out to me through Writer’s Resource’s blog. I’d be glad to help you with the submission of your autobiography of a country doctor.
      Since the manuscript is finished, you’re ready to set up the two pitch items you need to approach agents and publishers. These are:
      -A query letter, often one page, but this can run an extra half page if necessary.
      -A book proposal, which contains a tagline, an overview of the market, a synopsis, a chapter outline, an author bio (including your platform), multimedia potential, marketing opportunities, and other sections.
      Once you have those two pitch items, you can approach agents or publishers. I often recommend going to agents first because they can do so much for authors in terms of better advances, better marketing support, and access to publishers who do not accept manuscripts directly from authors.
      Do let me know if I can put together the query letter and/or the book proposal for you.
      Wishing you the best success!



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