Book Review: Lies the Mushroom Picker Told

By Tom Phelan. Available Feb 3, 2015
This work is very uneven. The portions that are nearly pure narrative are very well written, interesting, and have a pacing that works well for the storyline and the humor woven throughout. Quite delightful, really, and kept my attention both as a reader interested in the story and as a reviewer considering the quality of the work overall.
However, the dialog did me in. It was overloaded with moments that stretched the humor as well as information that really should have been provided to readers in narrative. I enjoy a more subtle movement through a story, even one with so much humor involved, and didn’t find this a satisfactory read.
I do believe there is an audience for this book, and readers who don’t mind overdone dialog will really thrill to have found this book. But my personal engagement with it left me dissatisfied.


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