Book Review: Stones from the River by Ursula Hegi

I read this work right after reading the first in this four-book series. That was a mistake. I would have enjoyed this much more if I had taken a break from the series and returned to this after reading other books that don’t deal with this historical event (WWII).
Because I came to it so quickly after the first book, parts of it felt too much like a repeat of events in the first book. I would place that as my fault, not the author’s.
Otherwise, a very enjoyable read. The author could have gone more into the protagonist’s life; the war felt like it was overbalanced in terms of how much time was given to that rather than her journey as a little person. But I stuck with it because I wanted to watch her travel through the parallel journey of being an outsider (as Jews and others were during the war). In the end, I didn’t feel as satisfied as I felt this protagonist deserved. However, the book as a whole is well done and worth the time to read.
3.5 stars.
For more fiction about the impact of historical events on real lives with a protagonist who is an outsider in their own culture, try Message Stick.


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