Book Review: The House at Riverton

By Kate Morton.
This book was a total surprise to me. I really don’t go for historical fiction that meanders about with too much emphasis on the tawdry social fights that go on between the upstairs/downstairs set.
This work entirely upset my expectations. I was more than happy to read further and further into this work. Some other reviewers have dinged it for poor storytelling…I believe they are dissatisfied with the pacing. The pace is appropriate for this story, and pays off very well for the reader who wants to dive deep into a character’s nuances.
That was the most enjoyable part of this work. The twists at the end weren’t so surprising to me but as an author, that’s not unusual. Besides, this work isn’t really read for it’s twists. It’s read for the nuances and subtle (and yes, often not-so-subtle) impacts into various lives of different events.
I truly, truly liked this novel. So much so that I went right away to another of the same author’s books. Very well done and worth the time to slow down your reading pace and walk with these people.
4 stars!


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