Book Review: A Reliable Wife

By Robert Goolrick.
This was the first book I’ve read by Goolrick. Based onother reviews I’ve seen, it looks like a love it or hate it kind of book.
I can understand why. The characters have a lot of complications…they want one thing and do something to confound their own goals. And then they repeat their mistakes endlessly, as proven by their pasts.
But this book isn’t entrenched in their pasts. It follows them step by painful step as they enact more mistakes, knowing they are mistakes, and then try to correct course despite the pain those corrections will cause.
A very nuanced look at people who have done some terrible things to cause pain to others and themselves, and their efforts to finally, before it is too late, make something right. Even if it’s a small thing, even if it’s already too late.
And that makes for a novel that is well worth reading.
4 stars!
Like this book? Try He Drinks Poison, a thrilling and complex examination of dark impulses. A sensual read that brings light into the darkness.


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