Book Review: Earth Sentinels by Shaman Elizabeth Herrera

This is one of those books that’s going to stand alongside classics like Mutant Message by Marlo Morgan. Drawing from Native American wisdom and the beliefs of a world filled with respect for nature and its spiritual elements, Herrera has created a global book of wisdom for a global world where no act impacts only the region in which it happens.
The only flaw comes with the prose connected to the angel who oversees the coming together of the many characters who act to save the planet. It’s overwritten and, since it’s in the first chapter, might put readers off the entire work. That would be a mistake. Read on, and find a clear prose that follows many characters through their lives and their actions.
For today and the future, read this book!
4 stars!
Want more like this book? Try Message Stick (fiction) and Seven Sisters: Spiritual Messages from Aboriginal Australia (nonfiction).


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