Interview: Alexander Tomov Jr.

Love the comments on inspiration from this author. And he wants to live a Lord Byron life…what a blast!


Saturday, December 13, 2014

Interview with Alexander Tomov Jr (author) by Jaideep Khanduja

Alexander Tomov

Alexander Tomov Jr. was born on June 3, 1982 in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. He is freelance writer and film director who is looking for realization abroad. His work consists of short stories and short films. The author creates non standard points of view toward the world and the human existence. Some of his stories are hypotheses for the development of society and civilization and for the evolution of human nature in far future. His dream is to change the face of world literature with his strange stories.

Your real name and pen name?

Real name – Alexandar Tomov, Pen name – Alexandar Tomov – junior or Tomovjunior

Please share some of the best memories of your childhood

They are many. I had a good childhood and good parents. 

About your education

I studied a long…

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