Celebrity Memoirs Tank…Good for Non-Celeb Authors

Celbrity author memoirs are tanking. Last year, books that were expected to move some 200K copies were selling an anemic 17K or 20K total.
Part of the drop is due to the fact that celebs are producing more than one memoir. People are interested…but just not that much.
An impact that hasn’t been discussed yet is the availiability of so much other writing due to indie efforts. Why read about a celebrity whose high-flying life has little to do with the average person when someone else’s tale of triumph resonates much more clearly because the author was also an average person?
The memoir market fell only 4% last year. Fewer celebrity memoirs sold as expected, and could themselves be responsible for most of this dip. That indicates that everyday folks who produced memoirs were being read instead.
Good news for all of us with an important message that needs to be heard.


3 thoughts on “Celebrity Memoirs Tank…Good for Non-Celeb Authors

  1. mamalisa4

    This doesn’t come as a large surprise to me. Most of these celebrity memoirs are written by ghost writers anyway. I read, to be lead through a GREAT story, by GREAT writing. I am less interested in the fame and spotlight, while I’m sitting here with children hanging off of my hips and hugging onto my ankles. Lets get back to real stories and great writing. Great Post!!

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  2. Laine Cunningham Post author

    I love a great story especially when it’s paired with great writing. If there’s only one of those elements…meh. Might read it, might not. But that spark…ah, when both are there, the book is alive!
    Thank you for sharing! You made me smile with that visual of your little adorable kiddies….



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