Books Outsell Movies

Every year, it seems, we hear that books and other media forms are competing against each other. That might be true but in this race, books win.
Within the media sector, books are the largest content creation category. For 2014, revenue generated from books was $151 billion, while movies created $135 billion. These numbers track only titles from traditional publishers and indie books with ISBNs, so the actual gap is significantly higher.
Keep writing. People want to read your books…and they want to read more than they want to watch movies.


5 thoughts on “Books Outsell Movies

  1. JMD398

    I have been trying to tell a few folks this, sometimes I can imagine a better version than what the movies come up with anyway. However at times you do need that visual stimulation.


    1. Laine Cunningham Post author

      Your comment brings up a fascinating point: movies do a lot of the imaginative work for us by presenting actors and settings, the tone and nuances of speech patterns, and other items that come through auditory and visual channels. Books do very little of that. They paint those elements through words.
      The way the brain works when engaged with literature vs. auditory and visual input is very different. It’s a much more intimate and therefore immediate way of engaging with the story. That’s why I usually find books so much more powerful and emotionally moving than movies.
      Now opera, that’s a different matter….!



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