Book Review: Correcting the Landscape by Marjorie Kowalski Cole

I thought this book was better than many of the one- and two-star reader reviews note. It is about a man’s struggle to find himself, really, and to find his own heart. All of the other things that were used to market this book–the touches of native culture and lifeways, the environmental issues, and even the death of the woman–all feed back into this primary concern.
I feel this utilization of these various threads to enhance and expand the character and to both position him for a change and to push him to accept the change are the mark of a good writer. The prose in this book is slightly more than servicable…it doesn’t exactly sing but it does have its own voice, and that voice is enjoyable enough. I read this quickly and enjoyed it.
3 stars.
Want to read more fiction with Native American lifeways threaded through the narrative? Check out the free release of Break the Bow by Laine Cunningham on Wattpad.


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