Free Ebook: How Do Artists Survive?

Fantastic book for anyone involved in arts from writing to painting. Feel supported and understood with these wonderful words! Here’s the press release and the link:
“Making Your Life as an Artist,” a free ebook, takes a serious and at times mordantly
humorous look at the creative process of surviving and thriving as a professional artist
The arts in America are thriving. And American artists are astonishingly hard-working, driven,
and adaptable. So why are so many artists exhausted, overwhelmed, and broke?
In his new book Making Your Life as an Artist, Andrew Simonet – choreographer, writer
and, for 20 years, Co-Director of Headlong Dance Theater – offers answers to why anyone
would choose the life of an artist, and how to manage that life. He shares what artists already
know: building a life as an artist is a creative act, and using your artistic skills outside the
studio can make it sustainable.
The book is downloadable here.


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