Job for Writer: Romance Novels

Destiny Ink Books is looking for experienced romance writers to write a two-part series. Each book will be 40,000+ words for a total of 80,000 words for this project.
They provide highly specific guidelines for the story. You are encouraged to add characters, plot lines, and additional details as you see fit.
Email the following:
A) Your preferred (and/or most skilled) writing genres.
B) 3-5 sentences about yourself and your story writing experience.
C) Are you comfortable writing steamy romance scenes?
D) What are the last 3 books you read?
E) If applicable, what are the last 3 romance novels you read?
F) IMPORTANT: Please include at least two 800+ word writing samples. If you have romance related samples, please send those.
Writer’s Fee: Between $3,500 – $5,000. 9 Week Timeframe.
Click here for more details.


7 thoughts on “Job for Writer: Romance Novels

  1. Alice Keys

    This job link in this blog entry is on Indeed and is closed. There is a link in the Indeed ad to another ad asking for four 7,000 word gay romance stories in a series for $150 (for all).


  2. Claire Duffy

    I applied to this out of curiosity (the ad I saw didn’t specify fee or timeframe, that information came to me only after I’d applied). In addition to the extremely low fee and crazy tight timeframe they refused to pay any percentage of the fee upfront because writers might “take the money and run.” I chose to run at that point – I’d recommend proceeding with caution!


    1. Laine Cunningham Post author

      Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting about your experience with this job link. I don’t recommend that authors take on projects on spec…which is what this job might turn out to be. If they don’t pay at least a portion of it up front plus additional increments as work progresses, they might be holding out to see the final work. And that means they might reject it for reasons that have nothing to do with the quality of the book.
      In cases like this, it’s very likely they’re hoping to get multiple submissions and then pick from that batch. So a lot of folks will have written for them in good faith only to discover that they’re rejected for false reasons. They’ll never know the truth, that they were treated poorly by a publisher. I can’t say for sure that’s what’s going on here but without a good faith payment up front from the publisher, an author would be in too unstable a position.
      I’m glad you ran, and that you returned here to warn others not to apply for this particular position!


      1. Claire Duffy

        No worries! I feel strongly about writers being expected to work for free so happy to warn others off when I can!

        I couldn’t quite make up my mind whether they were deliberately dodgy or just seriously inexperienced, but either way taking on such a big project for no money upfront is a non starter.I don’t mind doing the odd low paid gig if it’s something I’ve never done before and/or seems like a fun challenge, but there’s no upside to writing totally on spec (which is what it amounted to) for anything other than a passion project! I blogged about the ‘negotiations’ here ( if you’re interested!


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