Publishers Don’t Give Social Media as Much Weight #getpublished #pubtip

For the last 10 years, publishers have really pushed authors to be active on social media. The importance they gave ranked so high on their lists they checked social media sites for an author when considering whether to offer a contract.
The reason was they thought social media would help authors connect with readers.
While that’s certainly true, publishers are realizing that social media isn’t the siren’s call they thought. Books aren’t sold on most social media accounts. There are ways to increase sales using social media but trust me, it isn’t really by using an author’s own accounts. (If you’d like help making sales for your books on social media, connect with me…I’ve helped authors achieve bestseller status on Amazon and rack up hundreds of reviews.)
What you need to know is that if you’re interested in querying agents or publishers, you don’t have to focus so much on social media anymore. The importance they give your accounts is shrinking now. Some still think it’s paramount, yes, but their numbers are dwindling.
So don’t write tweets or updates. Instead, write your stories and books!


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