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Job at Gotham Ghostwriters #nowhiring

Gotham Ghostwriters, New York’s only full-service writing firm, is seeking an entrepreneurial publishing professional with strong industry connections to lead and scale up our growing Bookwriting practice.
This is a rare chance to capitalize on a sure thing — or as close to it as you’ll get in today’s unsettled publishing world. Our Bookwriters Group is operating in a booming market with no real competition and, best of all, an unbeatable asset: the peerless network of more than 200 accomplished ghostwriters and editors we have built since launching the division three years ago. The reputation we have developed for delivering reliably high-quality service to the diverse universe of authors we work with -– from top CEOs and tech experts to the next generation of thought leaders looking to make a name for themselves — doesn’t hurt either.
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Publishers Don’t Give Social Media as Much Weight #getpublished #pubtip

For the last 10 years, publishers have really pushed authors to be active on social media. The importance they gave ranked so high on their lists they checked social media sites for an author when considering whether to offer a contract.
The reason was they thought social media would help authors connect with readers.
While that’s certainly true, publishers are realizing that social media isn’t the siren’s call they thought. Books aren’t sold on most social media accounts. There are ways to increase sales using social media but trust me, it isn’t really by using an author’s own accounts. (If you’d like help making sales for your books on social media, connect with me…I’ve helped authors achieve bestseller status on Amazon and rack up hundreds of reviews.)
What you need to know is that if you’re interested in querying agents or publishers, you don’t have to focus so much on social media anymore. The importance they give your accounts is shrinking now. Some still think it’s paramount, yes, but their numbers are dwindling.
So don’t write tweets or updates. Instead, write your stories and books!

Job at Chronicle, Pub of Grumpy Cat, Game of Thrones #nowhiring

Chronicle Books seeks an experienced acquisitions Editor to join our Entertainment group. From Grumpy Cat to The Game of Thrones, the Entertainment Group acquires and makes the best humor and pop culture books in publishing today. Our titles are contagious, funny, true—and commercial (6 NYT bestsellers last year alone). We need a quick-thinking, pop-culture loving, smart cookie editor who has many ideas, strong publishing relationships, and a clear vision for what makes a book irresistible. This editor would be responsible for acquiring and editing approximately 16-18 titles a year.
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Book Review: Those Rosy Hours at Mazandaran by Marion Grace Woolley #reviews #literature

Available from Ghostwoods Books February 2015
A ravishingly written book that burns ferociously long after the last page has been turned.
This book blew. Me. Away. I haven’t laid hands on something this beautiful, this sensuously dark and attractive, since Patrick Susskind’s Perfume: The Story of a Murderer.
Set in an 1850s that feels as modern and yet as fable-like as any fantasy or fairytale, the story follows Afsar, a young woman who is the daughter of the Shah. In the Shah’s country palace, time is something that needs to be filled. The entire royal family fills it with sadistic repasts, feasts of blood that torture and murder the sworn enemies of state. The rosy hours of the title refer to a particularly horrific days-long torment of a group of rebels, a blood-soaked orgy of violence and cruelty.
Growing up in such an environment and under the thumb of a father who is not actually her father, Afsar yearns for something more. What that something is, she isn’t sure. When a circus is brought to the palace grounds, she is captivated by a magician who wears a mask to hide his facial deformity. After she murders his friend, a girl she takes as a rival for his affections, the magician trains her in the art of murder.
It is something she takes to well. At first there is hesitation and even repulsion that she fights to quell. Underneath she finds that something she has been missing: the feeling of power, a strength that is denied her under the dictates of her brother-father, palace life, and a culture that oppresses women.
She finds freedom of a sort…a gashed and bleeding sort that wounds both her and her victims. She creates justice for other women who are wounded while also oppressing those around her—the poor, the weak, other women. She is as deformed internally as her paramour is externally.
This book grips readers in a way that defies description. While you walk with Afsar, you hold her hand as much as you are held in her thrall. You feel repulsion and yet something more, compassion and pity. This is a dark tale, yes, but one with the complexity that places it immediately in the ranks of classic literature that will live far longer than any of us reading this now. Clearly one for the ages.
An enthusiastic 5 stars!
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Job at Our Daily Bread #nowhiring

Oversee written content strategy and product development processes for Our Daily Bread Ministries and Discovery House, including writing and editing. Responsible to see that content quality and effectiveness is maintained globally, and delivery goals for US-produced content are achieved.
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Job at Zest Books #nowhiring

Award-winning independent book publisher seeks an innovative marketing and publicity manager for its expanding line of nonfiction books for teens and young adults.
Who we are
Zest Books ( is a leader in young adult nonfiction, publishing smart and provocative books on entertainment, science, health, and practical life advice since 2006. Our recently launched line of new adult books, called “Pulp,” offers art, humor, and history titles for an adult audience as well. Zest is based in San Francisco.
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