Guest Post – Seven Steps to Improving Your Podcast

Leona's Blog of Shadows

Hi there, Rob Matheny here, writer, blogger, and podcaster. We’ve been doing our show for a few months now, and it’s been a growing process for sure. Things had to be learned, mistakes had to be made, yet  things are coming along. Granted, yes, we have less than 20 episodes under our belts. So does that qualify me as an expert podcaster? Well, it remains to be seen. What I do have is 15+ years of commercial radio experience, with a degree in broadcasting and career experience to boot. I have spent countless hours engineering and editing and producing broadcast commercial radio, in most cases behind the scenes. But also, I’ve been a podcast listener for a minimum of five years. I’ve heard many, many podcast. Some good, some great, and some no so fantastic (I could have a used a myriad of colorful statements at this point, but I’m…

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