The Watchers by Jeffrey A. Ballard

The Watchers by Jeffrey A. Ballard

Available from New Rochester Publishing, 2015


This copy was provided in the hopes that a review would be written. Although I had expected a book, this is actually a long short story. The concept is that a number of individuals can split their awareness and send it out into the world to track criminals, gather information, and all the other things that governments might want done with that skill.

The protagonist is one of these individuals. He knows full well that splitting his awareness multiple times makes it harder for other watchers to watch what he’s doing…but it also risks splitting him into so many fragments he can never compile his consciousness again. The day comes when he must risk everything to save the one person who can save every citizen.

An exceptionally well written and engaging story. The pacing is fast, and since the concept is never buried under garbled language, readers of suspense fiction will love this even if they don’t usually read sci-fi.

5 stars.

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