The Time Machine by H.G. Wells

The Time Machine by H.G. Wells

Published in 1895, this book has held up for almost 150 years now!

A great adventure through time with social commentary woven throughout. Consider that what Wells said then is relevant today: there are the ultra-wealthy who live lives of luxury, reliant on the workers to tend their crops and homes and bodies. Then there are the workers, stronger of body and knowledgeable of the machines that make life easy.

The divide between them is so vast they end up living in vastly different environments: one aboveground where the air is pure and light shines every day, the other belowground where the air is foul and darkness prevails.

And yet, when night falls aboveground, the Eloi retreat in fear. The Morlocks hunt them for food. Who has the upper hand now?
Simplistic in nature, to be sure, and it overlooks how leisure time allows man to create art and to consider his own existence. Yet somehow still a book for our times.

5 stars!

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