Book Review: When Are You Coming Home? By Bryn Chancellor

Book Review

When Are You Coming Home? by Bryn Chancellor

University of Nebraska Press, 2015

So, so often–too terribly much often–books written by people who teach at one college or another are works that are valued more for the fact that they will sell at least a certain number of copies to the author’s students…or for reasons that relate to the politics inside academia…rather than for any true and deep value to the work itself.

Trust me, that’s not the case with Chancellor’s collection of short stories. Some of these gems really took my breath away. I was so gratified as a reader–not to mention as a writer–to discover that the stories wrapped between these covers are all sparkling examples of what university level instructors should be capable of.

I won’t delve into the details of individual pieces because those are covered by the synopsis. I will tell you that one of my favorites was Meet Me Here. But there are so many other stories that will speak to readers directly, and with an emotional truth that is only found in the nuances of daily life.

Chancellor has a real talent. This is a collection that you will flip furiously through the first time and return to again and again to flip through slowly to savor each sentence.

Get this book now and keep it on your shelves for years of pleasure!

If you’re interested in a full-length novel that deals with emotional truths–and even touches on the real sensual pleasures a loving couple can enjoy–try Beloved: A Sensual Noir Thriller

4 stars!


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