Authors, Poets and Artists Eligible for $500

Authors & Artists Eligible

Endings carry a heavy weight. They must bring all the disparate elements of a poem, work of prose, or art series together while also proving an exit point that will smolder in the reader’s or viewer’s mind. 

This year, Sunspot Lit is launching Culmination: $500 for a Prose, Poem, or Art Ending. No restrictions on theme, category, or the length of the piece from which the ending is excerpted. Word limit is 250 for prose, 25 words for poetry. 

Graphic novel entries should be the last page with a maximum of 250 words; cut the number of panels to meet the word count, if necessary. 

Visual art entries should be the last in a series, gallery lineup, or themed collection. Artists may use up to 250 words to describe the series, lineup or collection. 

Titles are not included in the word count.   

Open: October 1, 2020

Close: December 31, 2020

Entry fee: $5 

Submit here.


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