Preorder Sunspot Lit’s 2021 Edition

The annual print edition is being put together. The cover art selected for the annual edition is “Blind” by Taylor Moon (image above). The Annual Editor’s Prize went to Lilianne Milgrom for “Girl With an Ermine.”

Preorder your copy of the 2021 print edition now through our Submittable page. Preorders will be shipped in the same package as any earlier editions ordered on the same form.

Ordering directly from Sunspot costs the same as ordering through a bookstore, but it increases the amount of money the magazine receives for each sale. That enables us to add more paying options for contributors.

This year, we added new payments by expanding the Editor’s Prize into every digital edition. We also increased the amount of prize money for two quarterly contests. Finally, we set up the special For Creatives section, which pays by the word. We’ve been able to do this through your continuing support. Thank you!

Normally, purchasers receive their copies between the middle and end of November. Due to continuing supply chain shortages impacting publishing, we anticipate having the editions in your hands by mid-December. We appreciate your patience as we survive the long-term global impacts of world events together.


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