Geminga 2022 Results

Sunspot Lit congratulates the winner of Geminga 2022 as well as the runners-up and finalists.


“Tax Season” by Tifara Brown, poem


“Kishimoto” by Rain Hou, nonfiction

“Her Wildest Dream” by Martha Nance, digital art


“Suffers Patiently” by Jessica Ross, prose

“Get All Your Ducks in a Row” by Pamela Viggiani, mixed media

“On Tuesday at Age 21” by Kelly Q. Anderson, nonfiction

“Some Days I Can Taste” by Atma Frans, poem

“Rest Stop, Mile Marker 173” by Jen Payne, prose

“Broken Heart” by Paul Milligan, sculpture

“Fall Tanka” by Sarah Kersey, poem

“Memory Loss Blessings” by Madi Morelli, nonfiction

“Analogy” by JJ Chen Henderson, poem

“Candy Crush” by Jacqueline Schaalje, poem

Sunspot is dedicated to helping authors and artists gain recognition and receive stipends for their work. Check out our new contest, offering $250 plus publication, here.


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