Rigel 2022 Results

The judging for the 2022 edition of the Rigel contest is complete. Although it was difficult to select a single work from the outstanding list of finalists, here are the results:


“Only Water” by Julie Esther Fisher, prose


“Santa Corona” by Michael Pearce, poem

“Kearney Noir” by Larry Hill, art (below)


“The Fall” by Steve Capra, poem

“Under the Spell of Molly Bloom” by Naomi Lowinsky, poem

“Time Enough” by LG Pomerleau, prose

“Donut” by Alan Sincic, prose

“The Weaver” by Serge Lecomte, art

“Being as One” by Dave Sims, art

“Witch of Wals” by Bryan Edenfield, prose

“The Voices of the Doomed” by Jim Gish, prose

The winner receives $250 and will be published in the next digital edition as well as the annual print edition. The runners-up and finalists will also be offered publication. To enjoy their works and support great literature and art, consider preordering a print copy of this year’s editions. Shipping to US locations is included in the price.

All the best to this year’s list of outstanding creatives!

Check out Sunspot’s current open calls.


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