Inception 2022 Results

The list of Inception finalists, a contest run by Sunspot Lit for authors and artists, showed an exceptional range of creativity, and made ranking the top three tiers exceptionally difficult. Here are the results:


“Rust” by Ryker Woodward, painting based on video game landscape


“Morgan” by Ron Pullins, novel

“The Last Storm” by Jeanne Wilkinson, video still


“Buddha Blesses LA” by Jon Cohen, story

“The Bob and Wyvetta Love Story” by Kimberly S Stevenson, story

“Carnal Conversations” by Cynthia Close, memoir

“Henricus” by Cristina Bryan, historical novel

“Day at the Park” by Joy Kloman, painting based on vintage photos

The winner receives $250 and will be published in the next digital edition as well as the annual print edition. The runners-up and finalists will also be offered publication. To support great literature and art, consider preordering a print copy of the 2022 edition. Shipping to US locations is included in the price. Preorders for 2023 will become available in January.


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