Goldilocks Zone Results

The Goldilocks Zone contest from Sunspot Lit has been judged. The contest saw a range of entries that demonstrated exceptional creativity. The journal is grateful for the effort that went into all the submissions, and presents the following top entries:


“Debutante’s Ball” by george l stein, photo (blog image)

“Sunflowers in Soup” by Xiaoqiu Qiu, poem

“CONFIDENT” by Robert McCrae, illustration

“Assisi” by William Lewis Winston, poem

“The Weight” by William Lewis Winston, poem

“Chasing Chester” by Deborah McMillion, graphic art


“Swelling” by Raissa Killoran, poem

“Little Box” by Kendal McGinnis, story


“for me, for you” by C Tai Tai, poem

The winner received $200 and will be published in the next digital edition as well as the annual print edition. The runners-up and finalists will also be offered publication. Congratulations to everyone who made the list!

To support great literature and art, consider preordering a print copy of the 2023 edition. Shipping to US locations is included in the price.


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