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How Indie Authors Can Break into Libraries

No, I don’t mean breaking in like a thief to steal lovely ancient copies of books that are bound in leather and smell of old paper. I mean getting your books placed on the shelves of public libraries nationwide!
Library Journal is the leading publication for libraries in the US. Soon they will launch SELF-e, a discovery platform that allows libraries to find independent books. WIth 16,000 public libraries across the US, this is a significant new market.
To get started, go over to Library Journal’s website. You’ll have to submit your book; only ones that meet quality standards will be accepted. Once you’re in, you’ll be able to reach new readers.
Note that the distribution is royalty free. This means that you will not be paid for borrows or inclusion in any collection. But if you have several books and one of them is championed by librarians, you have a great new way to direct readers to your other books and make sales.


Libraries as Publishers

Here’s a new idea: Libraries publishing their own books.

Libraries have been struggling for a long time. Funding cuts have reduced their hours, higher print costs have reduced the number of books they can purchase, and ebooks have been difficult to loan because publishers don’t always want to release them to libraries.

IngramSpark, an imprint that focuses on self-published authors, is joining the Williamson County Public Library in Tennessee to create Academy Park Press.

The unit will release a children’s book as their first title.¬†Bucky and Bonnie’s Library Adventure¬†was written by the library staff. They feel that it’s another way libraries are transforming just as the rest of the publishing and media industries are changing.

For three months, they will be open to submissions by local authors.

Lemony Snicket Launches Librarian Prize

Lemony Snicket, the pen name of author Daniel Handler, has set up an award to honor librarians. The $3,000 award will be for Noble Librarians Faced with Adversity, and intends to help eliminate censorship.

New Book Market: Hotels

Top hotels are adding a new amenity for their clients: libraries.

The move is intended to keep patrons in the bars and lobbies longer. Books are being stocked in central areas, dedicated suites and even reading rooms. The cozy feel and the availability of their favorite authors helps them connect with younger patrons, who want a community feeling even while away from home.

Country Inns and Suites, with 447 hotels across the nation, now has an exclusive deal with Penguin Random to stock their authors.

If you’re a local author, don’t downplay the importance of that with your local hotels. If any are stocking books, stop in and place a few copies with the manager yourself. Be sure to sign the copies!


Remember that post about how the closings of B&N could create new opportunities for indie bookstores? I said in a comment that the bookstores should remember to keep focused on creating a gathering space by offering community events that are based around different kinds of books.

Here’s an article from The Atlantic about libraries doing exactly that. They’re even redesigning their interiors to provide more meeting space.

Books bring people together. They always have. The faster indies focus on connecting people in their communities, the faster their sales will grow and the happier authors will be because they’re appreciated in a real, meaningful manner.