Additional Income for Authors: Libraries?

In the UK, the government pays authors whenever a book they’ve written is checked out of the library. Right now, e-books are not included in that payment system.

Several countries are also moving to support their book industries by providing loans and grants to bookstores, publishers and other book sellers from their governments. They value literature so highly they’re willing to back their beliefs with cash.

In America, no such vehicle exists to enhance an author’s income or support the industry. Do you feel the government should pay authors a nominal amount whenever a book is checked out? Do you think the industry should be bailed out or otherwise supported with cash from the government?



1 thought on “Additional Income for Authors: Libraries?

  1. Joe Owens

    I am surprised to hear the U.K. subsidizes books like this. Nothing like that will ever happen in the united States. We are way to busy redefining the social structure of our country to satisfy every faction.



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