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Selling a Million Copies: Oliver Potzsch an Amazon First

Last month, Amazon announced that Oliver Potzsch, author of the Hangman’s Daughter series, is their first author to have hit 1 million copies in print, digital and audio combined.

Before you hit the submit button for Amazon’s publishing group, consider that 25% of all books are still sold through bookstores.

Another 23% are sold through other retailers like Costco and other big box stores.

If you’re thinking of giving up on regular publishers just because of all the coverage of digitally published success stories, consider that e-books are one of the biggest changes in publishing right now. Of course the media is seeking out their success stories and covering them in larger numbers right now than traditionally published success stories.

You have a lot of options these days. Be sure to make an informed choice to find the best path for your books.

What’s in a Subtitle? The Impact on Book Algorithms

Titles are important. Any author can agree to that. But are subtitles as important, less so, or possibly more important?

One consideration is how subtitles impact algorithms that help readers find a book. Subtitles that seem unwieldy because they are so long can actually boost sales on websites.

A second consideration has been around for a while: a descriptive subtitle tells readers exactly what they’ll get from the book.

Finally, a subtitle can indicate the author’s voice (funny, academic, etc.) or tone (the emotional quality of the work). That can be attractive to readers and thus generate sales.

Subtitles are clearly not more important than titles…but they are equally important.

Opportunity with IndieReader

IndieReader is looking for reviewers. They “welcome people who have published reviews in major news outlets, but are also open to those with less high-profile experience.” Payment is $20 per review. Contact Amy:

Hope for Indie Bookstores: Quote from Dan Cullen of the ABA

Dan Cullen of the ABA says, “Customers are making decisions to patronize locally owned retail stores because they recognize that where they spend their money makes a difference. They’ve seen the closure of important local stores or institutions and kind of woke up to what’s important from that regard.”

Combined with readers making choices based on supporting local businesses, the failure of Borders means many regional markets are suddenly open to smaller shops again. Bookstores are being opened now by individuals who realize a bookstore is a community gathering place. New models are combining books with other things like workshops, meeting spaces and much more than the usual coffee and cookie.

That means better hand-selling for authors of all kinds.

Book Agent Info: Dunham Literary

Bridget Smith of Dunham Literary is looking for middle grade and young adult novels in a variety of genres, ncluding fantasy and science fiction, historical fiction, romance, and contemporary. She’s also looking for books that bends the rules of genre or any books with underrepresented or minority characters.

In adult fiction, Bridget especially wants fantasy and science fiction, historical fiction, and literary women’s fiction. For nonfiction, her needs include informational, literary nonfiction, especially science or history written by experts for a general audience.

Book Agent Info: Nancy Yost Agency

Sarah Younger of Nancy Yost is interested in romance / women’s fiction: contemporary, historical, Western, sports, regency, inspirational, urban fantasy, paranormal, young adult and any combination. Actively seeking a contemporary military romance, a great/quirky historical, or a fantastic inspirational romance. She also enjoys stories with a strong supporting cast of animal characters: horses, dogs, cats.