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Book Publisher Info

Reader’s Digest Children’s Publishing has changed its name to Studio Fun International. The change reflects the evolving direction toward reaching new audiences and diversifying their product line.

They’re still looking for innovative, fun projects, so check out their submissions guidelines to see if your juvenile project fits the bill.


Book Publisher Info

Gryphon House Inc handles teacher/parent resource texts. The acquisition editors prefer a query with a book proposal that includes the title, purpose of the book, table of contents, introductory material, and 20-40 sample pages.

More on Agent Assisted Publishing

Amazon offers a White Glove publishing service. In this program, your agent works directly with Amazon to publish your book.

I wrote not too long ago about agent-assisted publishing, and this is just another incarnation of the same process. You might end up walking this road if the traditional publishers reject your agent’s efforts to place your book. But again, you end up with the agent as your book’s advocate.

On this road, you don’t travel alone. That in and of itself can be a boost to your passion. The fact that it can also boost your career sweetens the deal.

Agent-Assisted Publishing: The Latest Shift in Traditional Book Publishing

Lately the news has been covering quite a number of agent-assisted books that have sold well. Agent-assisted publishing might sound repetative…after all, doesn’t an agent get authors published with traditional houses?

Yes, and nowadays agents are doing more. If they are unable to place a client with a publisher, they might funnel that client into their own publishing unit. The agent doesn’t become the publisher; they simply help the author self-publish.

The benefits to this kind of self-publishing are many. Agents have long done much more for authors than simply sell their books. They are fantastic advocates with the media and (when appropriate) colleges or other organizations that might offer paid speaking engagements. The agents can often boost sales for the author in a way that the writer could not do himself through regular self-publishing methods.

Selling a Million Copies: Oliver Potzsch an Amazon First

Last month, Amazon announced that Oliver Potzsch, author of the Hangman’s Daughter series, is their first author to have hit 1 million copies in print, digital and audio combined.

Before you hit the submit button for Amazon’s publishing group, consider that 25% of all books are still sold through bookstores.

Another 23% are sold through other retailers like Costco and other big box stores.

If you’re thinking of giving up on regular publishers just because of all the coverage of digitally published success stories, consider that e-books are one of the biggest changes in publishing right now. Of course the media is seeking out their success stories and covering them in larger numbers right now than traditionally published success stories.

You have a lot of options these days. Be sure to make an informed choice to find the best path for your books.

Publisher News: Disney Selling Hyperion’s List to Hachette Book Group

The Hyperion adult trade publishing list is being sold to Hachette Book Group. Disney, which is the entity selling the Hyperion list, will now publish children’s and YA books as welll as books based on franchises from its Disney/ABC TV operations.

Keep track of these changes so you know which publisher to approach when you’re ready to send out your work.

Publisher Accepting Submissions

Shambhala has been one of the better known niche publishers for years. They put out about 100 titles per year, mostly nonfiction related to Buddhism, yoga, mindfulness, creativity, martial arts, natural health, and green living. They ask authors to submit a book proposal.

What to Do When an Agent Asks for an Exclusive Look

As you look for an agent, you will likely find at some point that an agent will ask for an exclusive look. That means they want to be able to read the manuscript and consider representing you without any other agent reading the manuscript at the same time.

This is standard practice. Agents don’t want to spend time reading and falling in love with a work only to discover they lost you to the competition by a single day.

However, you have your own needs…and you don’t want to wait weeks or months for the agent to respond.

When you are asked for an exclusive, set a timeframe. Tell them yes then ask if two weeks is enough time. It’s very likely they will ask for three weeks. But if you offer three weeks they’ll ask for four. So set your own limit right from the start. Three weeks is plenty of time. And you’ll come off as a professional because you knew to set a time limit from the beginning!

New Trend in Academic Juvenile Publishing

The No Child Left Behind policy changed publishing when it first was implemented. Now the focus is shifting away from that and toward the Common Core.

This is a hot topic with publishers right now. The focus is on helping young readers gather facts and learn how to think.

This means that there is a renewed focus on nonfiction titles for young readers, particularly middle-grade chapter books. Publishers are looking for things that are fun to read, a little quirky, and especially things that don’t read like homework.

Have something that fits the bill? Dig it out…today! Hone your pitch to this new trend and fire it out!