Self-publishing is Changing Traditional Publishers

Recently, news from Europe indicated that self-publishing is beginning to grow at rates similar to those seen in America’s early years of self-publishing. The reasons authors choose to go their own way is the same as here: more control, a faster path to publication, and more direct contact with their readers.

FOCUS magazine said that traditional publishers will have to get on board with this trend worldwide. Providing access to bookstores, it said, is the last area where the gatekeepers still function. If publishers want to survive, they are going to have to help all authors publish and distribute their books.

Do you think survival for traditional publishing houses will hinge on this in part or in whole? Why or why not?


2 thoughts on “Self-publishing is Changing Traditional Publishers

  1. Elizabeth Herrera

    I think it will go to self publishing with agencies providing services, i.e. design, copywriting, creation of website and ebooks, barcodes, etc. Perhaps the real power will be in the reviewers, since somebody needs to sort through millions of books, many of them not so good, or poorly published (no proofing or editing). I am in the middle of having a book published and it can frustrating not to have control, but I will see how they do with marketing and getting it into bookstores. If happy, I may go that route again. If not, I’ll most likely self publish.


    1. Laine Cunningham Post author

      Congratulations on the book sale, Elizabeth! So happy to hear you’ve met that kind of success.
      And yes, it can be frustrating. Do stick with it and give it a full chance. Publishers are part of an author’s team these days. They’re one of the few ways to get your book into bookstores and certainly make that process easy for authors. Decide later if it was worthwhile.
      Wishing you every success! Laine



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