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Bundling Print Copies and Ebooks

Lately there’s been chatter about whether to automatically bundle ebook copies with print copies…so every reader gets one copy of each.

There is of course the idea that every sale then has added value to the reader. Many readers, in opposition to the idea that individuals favor either print or electronic books, are opting to consume both ways. There are even fans who purchase ebooks and, if they enjoy the work enough, return to purchase the print version for their home libraries.

Publishers have generally been resisting this trend because they are concerned that the value of ebooks will be discounted.

In the meantime, consider bundling your own print and ebook versions in special, limited-time offers to enhance sales.

Book Giveaway

I’m giving away 10 more copies of my first nonfiction book, this time on LibraryThing. Please post to your own social media, share with friends, etc. Everyone has until Sep 29 to join up! Here’s the description:

This giveaway provides winners with the full-color interior. The text on every page is beautifully laid out against a backdrop that mimics the Australian Aboriginal dot-dot style painting, a deeply spiritual kind of artwork. All copies will be signed by the author.
I found a box the publisher had provided for promotional opportunities that hadn’t been used, so I’m happy to provide these for reviews on Amazon or, if you prefer, LibraryThing.

Announcing the first nonfiction book from Laine Cunningham
Award-winning Author and Spiritual Messenger
Sun Dogs Creations is proud to launch Laine Cunningham’s first inspirational book. Seven Sisters: Spiritual Messages from Aboriginal Australia uses Dreamtime energy to help modern people address their challenges.
In this collection of essays, readers discover that love and friendship, parenting, life and the afterlife can be addressed with the unchanging wisdom of the human heart. This unique book blends Aboriginal folktales with Laine’s essays in a beautifully designed full-color interior.
In short chapters like The Dance, readers are inspired to follow their dreams while staying balanced in their lives. Trickery and Seven Sisters address the special relationships between men and women, and War provides a new perspective on one of America’s most important issues.
Laine’s understanding of Aboriginal culture began during a six-month solo journey through the outback. The same visions that drew her into the red desert also told her she would die there. The miraculous connection to divine energy saved her life and launched her along the path she follows to this day.
She is available for public speaking, workshops, book signings and performances of the Aboriginal wind instrument called the didgeridoo and Native American drumming. As an ordained interfaith minister, her programs often include crystal and feather clearings, smudging, light work, and receiving messages from the Divine Mystery. The intent is always to help individuals remove blockages in their physical, mental and soul bodies.
Her workshops teach people how to use feather energy, crystal and stone energy, seashells, Aboriginal dot paintings, the medicine wheel, drums and rattles as transformation tools. She draws on a depth of worldwide metaphysical knowledge to create powerful, heartfelt appearances.
Laine has appeared on TV and radio shows in three countries to discuss the metaphysical viewpoint on the swine flu, the real secret of prosperity, relationships, love, women’s empowerment, chronic illness and other topics. Media credits include MSNBC, Fox News, First for Women magazine, Awareness magazine, New Age Journal, and international publications.
Laine’s first novel, Message Stick, follows an Aboriginal man’s journey through the outback as he rediscovers his lost heritage. The novel won two prestigious national awards and is available through Sun Dogs Creations.

The Importance of Titles…and How They Can Fail

I’ve posted before on the importance of titles in terms of how they work with algorhythms on websites that sell books. Here’s a great article about some titles that failed due to how they strick potential readers.

Traits of a Successful Author

One of the most important traits of a successful author is confidence.

Of course you must have confidence in the quality of your work. There are so many opportunities to receive rejections that authors have to know beyond any doubt that their work is worthy of being published.

The value of your work might come from the message it offers, how it tackles some social issue, or simply from the fact that it is a heart-stopping, fast-paced read.

Know the value of your work and allow that to inform your confidence. Be rock steady with this. No matter whether you work with a traditional publisher, print your own books, or strike a hybrid balance, you’ll need confidence to build your career over the long haul.

Kobe Continues to Support Authors

Kobe’s newest device is focused on the reading experience. It’s a tablet that has been designed specifically to be used mostly for reading ebooks.

This development follows on Kobe’s decision to allow ebooks from more accessible formats to be bought, sold and read on its readers. Kobe has dramatically expanded the self-published author’s ability to reach readers, the independent bookstore’s ability to offer ebooks through their own venues (rather than having to lose customers to Amazon’s Kindle editions or B&N’s Nook editions), and has given readers access to a broader range of books.

All in all that’s not only good business, it’s good for authors and their fans.

Book Agent Info

Fiona Kenshole of Transatlantic is looking for all juvenile categories from picture book to YA. In middle grade and chapter books, humor or real children in magical circumstances and animal stories hit the spot. She also accepts literary and commercial fiction and chick lit.