Self-publishing Success is Fueling Traditional Publishing

With a growth rate over 400% in the past 5 years, self-publishing is actually turning out to be a benefit for traditional publishers.

More publishers than ever before are signing authors who self-published their books. Indie authors have finally found their ways onto some of the top bestseller lists, which is eye-opening considering that many lists are compiled by newspapers that still refuse to review indie authors.

Nowadays, I tell clients that they can self-publish at the same time they are querying agents and publishers. If the self-published route doesn’t work out, no harm done. If they hit it big, though, they have even more appeal for traditional publishers to take a close look.


3 thoughts on “Self-publishing Success is Fueling Traditional Publishing

  1. TheGirl

    I spoke to someone on the blog who thought self-pub should be the last resort. But it sounded like he was going through a vanity pub, because he mentioned how expensive it is and plus having to buy copies up front. But nonetheless, he thought “real authors” are made through traditional publishing, having an agent and publishing house “back you up”. I mean if an agent takes you on, they are suppose to back you up, but rarely does the publishing house, especially the big houses.


    1. Laine Cunningham Post author

      I agree; with a large initial investment, it sounds like he’s using one of the printers that has been around since the days of vanity publishing. I encourage anyone looking to self-publish to connect with me for referrals to individuals in my network who can create professional covers, great layouts, and all the other components needed to allow the book to stand out and look professional. Any time someone is required to purchase units as part of the deal, they should be sure they are really with the best printer.


      1. TheGirl

        Yeah that’s true. I guess some old-school writers haven’t gotten with the program yet! But self-pub can be expensive (with respects to the editing process and design process).


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