Book Trailer Effectiveness

The importance of book trailers can’t be understated. Video has proven effective in boosting blog followers and selling products of all kinds. Books can connect with more readers when a trailer is created for that particular book.

They don’t have to be fancy. Even a simple trailer can increase a reader’s likelihood of buying by 5 times. Sales can increase as much as 64%, and 90% of viewers find videos useful when making their purchasing decisions.

For help with your trailer, contact Kristen Eckstein at Imagine! Studios. Tell her Laine Cunningham sent you! She does a fantastic job for all my clients.


2 thoughts on “Book Trailer Effectiveness

    1. Laine Cunningham Post author

      I have, actually. James Patterson’s books were shown on TV commercials not to many years ago. I took notice because it was such an unusual move by publishers. But for someone like Patterson, they’ll put the money into the marketing to see what works.



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